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Λούντζα Κρασάτη

Agroikia Lountza dipped in wine, smoked 350gr

Λάρνακα 23/03/2021. The supplier P&I Allantopoiio LTD is recalling the product
“Agroikia Lountza dipped in wine, smoked 350gr, with BBD 03/11/2021 and LOT

We would like to inform you that, during our quality controls, which are systematically carried out by Lidl Cyprus, in order to ensure the quality and safety of the products for our customers, it was found that the above mentioned product contains sulfites, without the appropriate reference on the label. Due to the possible allergic reaction of a specific group of consumers with sensitivity to sulfites, our company proceeded to the immediate withdrawal of the
product. The consumption of the product is completely safe for those who are not allergic to this ingredient.

Customers who have purchased the product "Agroikia Lountza dipped in wine, smoked 350g", with expiration date 03/11/2021 and LOT 201002, are kindly requested to return it to any of our supermarkets for a full refund.

As always and for reasons of precautionary protection of the health of its consumers, Lidl Cyprus, reacted immediately by taking the appropriate measures in this direction, in order to exclude the possible danger to the consumer public and to consider further appropriate measures.