Terms & Conditions “The more you shop, The more you win!”

Terms & Conditions “The more you shop, the more you win!”

I. Terms and conditions

1.General Information

Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG, Stiftsbergstraße 1, 74167 Neckarsulm, Germany, (hereinafter referred to as “Lidl”), is running a promotion under the name of “The more you shop, The more you win” in accordance with these terms and conditions. Eligible to participate are all natural persons residing in Cyprus, who have already reached the age of 18 at the time of their participation, they have installed the Lidl Plus application on their mobile phone and they have created a valid account within the app. Participating in this promotion implies the implicit, explicit and full acceptance of the provisions of these terms and conditions. Participation on behalf of third parties is not allowed.


From 01.03.2024 until 28.02.2025 (“promotional period”), with the completion of each purchase, at the completion of which, customers are identified as users of the Lidl Plus application at the checkout (by scanning the Lidl Plus digital card), the amount of each purchase is summed up and taken into account with the respective amounts of all previous purchases made during the period of the specific promotion, completing a virtual money bar, visible within the application. This virtual money bar contains four (4) milestones. By completing each milestone, the user of the application will win one (1) coupon with a cash discount on their entire transaction which can range from 0.50€ up to 7€ depending on the amount of the user’s purchases within a certain period of time. These coupons can be redeemed in all Lidl Cyprus physical stores in Cyprus from the next purchase and will last for 14 calendar days. All products available in the physical stores of Lidl Cyprus in Cyprus participate in the promotion except for tobacco products, baby food, large and small food bags, as well as medicinal products. It is not possible to redeem at the same time (in the same transaction) multiple coupons that offer a cash discount. Each participant can only receive the coupon corresponding to each milestone once. Each participant will be informed about the discount coupon they won, within the application with a corresponding notification and will be able to find the discount coupons in the "Coupons" section within the application. Critical time to determine the reception of the coupons, is the completion time of each milestone or in any case, the end of the specific promotional period. At the end of the prize promotion or with the completion of all the milestones, the virtual money bar will disappear. In case a user returns products from transactions he made during the promotion, then the amount of the refund will be deducted from the virtual money bar within the application. Additionally, if, with the amount of the refund that will be deducted from the virtual money bar, the user "falls" under a specific milestone, then the corresponding coupons won by the user when reaching the respective milestone will be deducted. Rewards are specific and cannot be, exchanged or replaced. They are also personal and not transferable to third parties.

3.Other General Information

Lidl reserves the right to terminate, postpone, extend or modify the specific promotion, whilst it reserves, also, the right to exclude those in breach of terms or conditions without prior notification and prevent them from taking part as well as to cancel participations made in violation of these terms and conditions.

The participant is not entitled to compensation or any other claims against Lidl.

In other respects, Lidl Plus terms and conditions apply, which are available within the Lidl Plus application and here.