Tools for the workshop and garden. PARKSIDE® For every project!


The three worlds of PARKSIDE®

  1. PARKSIDE® Tools

    PARKSIDE® Tools

    Are you preparing for a new project in your workshop and looking for the right tool? Hand tools, power tools, as well as everything you need for your workshop equipment - PARKSIDE® offers everything for every DIY-Project!

  2. PARKSIDE® Garden

    PARKSIDE® Garden

    Our garden, whether it has a lawn, flowers or vegetables, needs proper care. For every task, find the right PARKSIDE® tool here and get a perfectly tended garden.

  3. PARKSIDE® Rechargeables

    PARKSIDE® Rechargeables

    PARKSIDE® rechargeable tools offer high power and versatility. Our batteries feature cell balancing technology and can be found in the 12V and 20V series of rechargeable tools.

The quality of PARKSIDE® tools

PARKSIDE® not only offers a variety of workshop and garden tools, but guarantees that through strict safety and quality checks, it provides a powerful assistant for your next construction project in your workshop. The tools impress with their excellent price/performance ratio, as well as their high power, making them ideal for your workshop needs. Whether you're looking for saws, grinders or planers, you're sure to find what you need in the PARKSIDE® line.

And when your demands increase, you can now get any job done... Because once PARKSIDE® , always PARKSIDE® !

  1. Long operating life

    Power tools only prove their reliability if they maintain their high performance over a long period of time, even when used intensively. The PARKSIDE® range has achieved this because it does not compromise and is up to the task.

  2. Durable materials

    Are you planning a new construction? Faced with a new challenge? Then get started! The durable materials from which PARKSIDE® tools, accessories and workwear are made give you the motivation for new projects and constructions.

  3. Excellent price/performance ratio

    PARKSIDE® workshop tools and equipment offer professional quality at an affordable price. Choose tools and the right workwear: Now you're ready to fulfil your dream of the perfect workshop - with the PARKSIDE® range it's affordable!

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The PARKSIDE® range of power tools & hand tools

  1. Power tools

    Power tools

    Power tools should have their place in every workshop. Thanks to their electric function, they are always ready to use. Parkside power tools convince you with their performance and durability.

  2. Hand-held tools

    Hand-held tools

    Hand tools are the "little" helpers in the laboratory, which contribute significantly to the final result. Whether it's a hammer, screwdriver or saw, every hand-held tool makes your work much easier and helps you achieve the best possible result!

The PARKSIDE® range of workshop & garden equipment

  1. Workshop equipment

    Workshop equipment

    In the workshop you need enough space for new ideas - and of course the right tools. Parkside workshop equipment helps you to organize, to save valuable space, so that even if you have a small workshop, you can fit a large construction.

  2. Gardening tools

    Gardening tools

    Whether you're mowing the lawn, watering flowers, cutting bushes or picking vegetables, there's always plenty to do in the garden. With the help of the right Parkside gardening tools, garden tasks become a breeze.

Rechargeable devices and technology

Make tough tasks easy with PARKSIDE rechargeable devices. Batteries for all tasks, from drilling to cutting. Just charge and go. Performance combined with wireless technology gives you the freedom of movement you need for your next project!

When there's time pressure and bulky appliances aren't right for your space, then the high performance PARKSIDE X 12 V Team power tools are the right choice for you.

For your basic workshop equipment and larger DIY projects, you'll find the perfect tools in the PARKSIDE X20 V Team series. The wide range of versatile precision power tools such as rechargeable screwdrivers, drills and the corresponding batteries and chargers can help you fulfill your every wish!

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