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Stikeez - Μάζεψε τα όλα! Stikeez - Μάζεψε τα όλα! Stikeez - Μάζεψε τα όλα!

Stikeez - Μάζεψε τα όλα!

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Stikeez - Collect Them All!

Avi, the Avocado - hungry

I give people lots of vitamins! Maybe that's why I'm always so hungry. Does anyone have something to eat?

Bret, the Bread – helpful and optimistic

I will help you grow. Because I carry lots of good stuff with me, called nutrients. 

Buddy, the Butter – smooth and easy-going

Just a little bit of me and everything will go very smooth! 

Chester, the Cheese – crazy and fun

Say cheeeeeese! And everyone starts laughing, because my jokes are awesome, you know they are…

Francois, the Croissant - elegant and artistic

Je m'apelle Francois… I love to spent my holidays in France, visiting the Eiffel Tower and drinking jus d'orange.

Frank, the Fish - funny

My joke of the day: "Why are fish so smart? Because they swim in schools!" 

Gary, the Garlic – confident

I can actually hang out with everyone, because they all love me! And I also smell really nice, don't you think? 

Gigi, the Chicken - nice, caring

Sunny where are you!? I always want to keep my eggs close to me. 

Hetti, the Pasta Tricolore - colorful

Don't pick one color! Just keep us all! 

Jenny, the Zucchini - dancer, confident

Watch out! Here I come! Make some room because I have moves! 

Karl, the Kaiser Roll - happy and helpful

If you have something to celebrate, I will be there! Let's get this party started! 

Mary, the Frozen berry – always cold

Someone said, it's only cold if you're standing still. Now I'm just non-stop dancing!  

Milly, the Milk – cool and refreshing

I am a morning person! Fresh, cool and boosting your energy every day!  

Paddy, the Mushroom - sociable, friendly

I love to spend my time with friends! Because being alone is boring, don't you think?

Patrick, the Peanut - ready to party, fun

Go nuts! Why walk, when you can dance? 

Paul, the Pepper – hot and spicy

I will spice up your life! Ready for it?  

Pina the Pistachio - family nut

I'm all about family. Did you know I'm a member of the Cashew family? 

Rachel, the Radish – noisy, kind

I'm always together with my sisters. We play together, we win together, we lose together, we stay together! 

Sally, the Wiener – shy, humorous

I'm shy at first, but once you get to know me better you'll see I'm really funny.  

Spikey, the Asparagus - enthusiastic

Did you know that we grow in different colors in different countries? 

Sunny, the Egg - happy, energetic

Oh, happy day! It's me Sunny and with my Sunny side up, I will make your day.

Wally, the Water - honest

I will be there, once you get thirsty. Let's fill up that glass and go for it! 

Walter, the Walnut - wise, healthy

Often I'm  looked over in the mixed-nut bowl, maybe because I'm intimidating. But I carry a lot of vitamins and energy with me.

Yvette, the Chives - kind and thoughtful

Did you know I am a member of the onion family? We don’t actually look like family, but we taste like it!