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Meat & poultry

Κρέας & Πουλερικά Κρέας & Πουλερικά


On special occasions, when entertaining, or just for Sunday lunch, chicken, meat and sausages have enough flavour to satisfy even the most discerning palate, whether roasted, pan-fried, grilled or barbecued. But in addition to giving delicious results with the simplest cooking methods, they offer so many choices that with a little imagination and culinary skill, every dish becomes a new discovery. Chicken, Pork, Beef, Sausages; LIDL’s meat department has all the options ready packed. This preserves the high quality of the meat in the right way without affecting the flavour. And that’s how we control the quality and freshness of our products every day.

  • Its origin is controlled and it’s always written on the packaging, so you know where it was raised.
  • Every cut of meat is packaged in a modified atmosphere and has a date of production and an expiry date. Because it’s packaged, it can constantly be checked and is not exposed to external factors. We might have been raised on cuts of meat hanging in a butcher’s window, but today, packaging preserves it better.
  • From the abattoir to the chiller, a strictly controlled set of procedures is followed.
  • A stable temperature in the purpose-built cold-rooms, immediate delivery and proper in-store handling is the real guarantee of the high quality of every cut.
  • The producers who pass our rigorous evaluation work every day with vets, agronomists and biologists. Because for us, the proper growth of animals and their health play an important role.
  • Quality controls in certified independent labs are increasingly frequent. At the same time, our suppliers are also inspected at every stage of the production process. This practice encourages constant improvement in the supply chain with the introduction of new technologies and advanced methods of production.
  • agrolab

    Agrolab - Systematic Quality Monitoring

    All of our fresh fish and meat undergo additional systematic quality controls from ARGOLAB RDS (a verified lab for integrated and consulting solutionsin the food industry) ensuring:

    - The product’s life duration as per the indicated expiration date

    - That the risk of changes in product quality and of chemical
    contamination during production is minimized

    - The hygiene and freshness of the products

    - The maximum safety for you