Terms and conditions and data protection policy for “Super Summer” prize draw

The will be carried out in the period from: - 31.07.2022

Ι. Terms and conditions

1. Prize draw information

The prize draw is run by Lidl Cyprus (Industrial Area, 2 Pigasou Street, CY 7100, Aradippou, Larnaca (hereinafter referred to as “The Organizer”). Eligible to participate are all natural persons residing in Cyprus, who are at least 18 years of age at the time of their participation in the . Participants are not permitted to participate on behalf of third parties. Employees of Lidl Cyprus and of any affiliated companies as well as their relatives (spouse, partner and first-degree relatives) are excluded from participation. By participating in the prize draw through the participation form, each participant will be required to state that they agree with and accept these terms. The winners are determined by drawing, in the presence of a legal advisor and by ensuring a random selection.

2. Prize draw procedure

Conditions for valid participation in the draw are the participants within the prize draw period (from 01.07.2022 until 31.07.2022) to 1) be eligible to participate in accordance with the paragraph 1 above, 2) have installed the Lidl Plus application on their mobile phone, 3) have created a valid user account in the application which is active (has not been deleted) and 4) have filled in and submitted the form that they will find here. Each participant is responsible for the validity of the data he declares and registers. Multiple participation in the prize draw is not possible and each participant may win only once.

The prize draw will take place on Wednesday 03.08.2022 and a total of five (5) winners will be drawn who will win one (1) Mistral SUP Inflatable board, one (1) Grillmeister gas grill, one (1) Livarno Home umbrella and one (1) Livarno Home aluminum lounger each. In addition, a total of an equal number (ie five (5)) alternate winners will be drawn, who will be able to claim in order of priority of their selection from the draw the prizes in the cases provided in these terms.

All winners will be notified on the contact number they have registered on their Lidl Plus account, within fourteen (14) working days from the time they were drawn. Having been notified of a win, the winner will be asked to inform the Organizer via email or report by phone to the relevant employee of any contact details (for example, name, contact phone number, address, postal code, etc.) to send or hand over the prizes. If no winner comes forward within 5 working days from notification or if the winner is not contactable (the inability to notify the winner will be fully proven by the simple confirmation of the employee responsible for communicating with the winner) or he does not send all / his data correctly, this will result in the lapse of the claim and the Organizer is released from any obligation to return them to him and a process of giving the prizes to an alternate winner will be launched. Prerequisite for the delivery of the prizes (if deemed necessary by the Organizer) is the submission by the winner to the Organizer of the following information:

(a) All the required legal documents (ID or valid passport) that prove the identity and the fact that the winner is over 18 years old.

(b) A solemn declaration that he is not an employee or relative (spouse, partner, and direct relatives) of an employee of Lidl Cyrpus and the companies associated with the group.

In the event that within seven (7) calendar days from the moment of his notification, one of the winners does not accept the prizes or refuses to provide the above supporting documents which prove that the conditions for participation in the prize draw are met, or he doesn’t submit the documents within the above defined period of time or it is found that his participation is invalid because the above mentioned conditions of valid participation in the prize draw are not met or it is found that he has not declared his correct details in the entry form / Lidl plus application so he can not be identified, the claim to the prize and the participation will be deleted, and will be awarded to the next in order of priority alternate winner. The prizes are specific and cannot be paid out in bar, changed, or exchanged. They are also personal.

The Organizer does not bear any responsibility for a possible quality problem in the prizes, which is due to the liability of the supplier - producer company. Nor is he responsible for any quality problem or any loss or theft or damage to the prizes upon delivery to the lucky winners.

3. General Information

Lidl Cyprus reserves the right to postpone, revoke, extend or modify the prize draw. It also reserves the right to cancel entries that offend its image, public morality and customs, public decency, etc.

Acceptance of these terms of participation implies full knowledge and unconditional acceptance of the terms of use of the Lidl Plus application that are available within the application, as well as the consequent waiver of participants from any relevant claim and demand against the Organizer. Also, the participation in the prize draw, as well as the acceptance of the prizes by the winners is automatically equivalent to a statement of disclaimer of the organizer from any responsibility without any restrictions. The Organizer is not liable in any way for indirect or direct damages resulting from participation in the contest or from the inability to access the Internet server, unless due to gross negligence or deceit for which the Organizer is responsible. In addition, the Organizer is not responsible for any technical failures, especially for power outages, electronic failures or computer failures.

These terms and conditions have been submitted at the law firm L.Papaphilippou & SIA, Ifigenias 17 Str., 2007, Strovolos, Tel.: 22271000 (Responsible Lawyer: Valiantis Georgios), where any interested party may get a copy at their own expense.

II. Data protection policy

1.Details of the data controller

Lidl Cyprus (Industrial area, Pigasou 2, Aradippou, CY-7100, Larnaca, CY 30010823A) is the controller for the processing of personal data of the participants within the meaning of Article 4, number 7 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Lidl Cyprus has appointed a data protection officer who is available under dataprotection@lidl.com.cy for any questions/complaints regarding the processing of your personal data, your data protection rights and how to exercise them.

2. Categories and origin of the data

Furthermore, in the context of the prize draw, Lidl Cyprus may collect directly from 1) the participants, the personal data (for example name, surname, e-mail address, contact telephone number, etc.) that are registered during the submission of their participation in order to verify the validity of the entries and to exclude any participant whose participation does not comply with these terms and 2) the winners’ personal data (for example address, e-mail address, etc.) required to hand over the prizes.

3. Purposes and legal bases of processing

Lidl Cyprus will use the personal data collected in the context of the participation in the prize draw only to operate the prize draw (e.g., drawing winners, notifying winners, sending the prizes). The legal basis for the processing in the context of prize draws is generally Article 6(1)(b) GDPR. Without this data, a participation in the prize draw is not possible.

Name and hometown of the winner may be published in promotional media of the organizer (e.g. press release, website, internal and external social media). This data is processed on the basis of Article 6(1)(b) GDPR, where this is provided for in the terms and conditions of the prize draw and Article 6(1)(f) GDPR as the organizer has a legitimate interest in promoting itself and its prize draws; in addition, there is a public interest (in particular on the part of the other participants) to see that the prize draw is taking place and prizes are being won. In the event that a photo shoot/ video recording with the winners of the prize draw is to take place, the material produced will be published in the organizer's electronic and printed promotional media and/or in third party media of the organizer only with your prior explicit consent to this, pursuant to Article 6(1)(a) GDPR. Such consent may be withdrawn at any time with effect for the future.

4. Recipients/ categories of recipient:

In principle, your personal data will be processed only by the organizer's authorised personnel which is responsible for the operation of the prize draw. In addition, in the context of such processing, the organizer may use the services of third parties to whom the winners' personal data will be transferred. Data is only transferred to third parties where this is necessary for the implementation of the prize draw (e.g., sending the prize via a logistics company) or in order to publish the winners (e.g., on Facebook). Apart from that, we do not transfer the data to third parties.

5. Storage time/ criteria for determining storage time:

At the end of the prize draw and announcement of the winners, the personal data of participants will be deleted. The data of the winners will be stored for the duration of statutory warranty claims in order to initiate remedial steps or a replacement in the event of a defect, where relevant.

Rights of data subjects

Participants have pursuant to Article 15 GDPR the right to obtain information, free of charge, about the personal data stored about them. In addition, participants have the right to demand the deletion (Article 17 GDPR) or restriction of processing of their personal data (Article 18 GDPR) as well as the right to receive the data in question in a structured format (Article 20 GDPR). Participants have the right at any time to object to data processing that is necessary in order to protect legitimate interests of Lidl Cyprus or a third party pursuant to Article 21 GDPR.  Moreover, participants have a right to lodge a complaint with the competent data protection supervisory authority at any time. In order to do this, participants may contact the data protection supervisory authority where they have their place of residence or habitual residence, place of work or place of the alleged infringement. Competent supervisory authority for data protection in Cyprus is Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection (Iasonos 1, 1082 Nicosia, Cyprus, commissioner@dataprotection.gov.cy). For more information on that, please visit http://www.dataprotection.gov.cy/dataprotection/dataprotection.nsf/home_en/home_en?opendocument#.