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  • Η Lidl δίπλα σε κάθε αθλητή
    Η Lidl δίπλα σε κάθε αθλητή

    Lidl At Every Athlete's Side

    On Tuesday afternoon, 16 October, in the specially-arranged space of the Lidl Food Academy, Lidl Cyprus, in collaboration with the CFA, organised for World Food Day, a lecture dedicated to the nutrition of the young football players of the Cyprus U14 and U15 national teams.

    The event was held on World Food Day, (celebrated all around the world on 16 October and aimed at a world free from hunger and poverty, where everyone has a right to a healthy life), in honour of the young athletes of the Cyprus national teams. In the course of the event the young football players had the opportunity to learn about correct and conscientious nutrition before, during and after matches.

    Clinical and Sports Dietician - Nutritionist, Nicoletta Michaelidou informed both teenage and veteran members of the football teams and the media and CFA representatives who attended the event, about the right nutrition for athletes. Her speech entitled. ''Nutrition for young footballers'' provided those present with valuable nutritional advice, which would be of great benefit, when followed, during matches.