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Frequently asked questions
How can I place my order?

You can place your order electronically via the form you will find on the product page, at
Alternatively, you can order by calling free of charge (for calls within Cyprus) our Customer Service Call Centre at 800 944 04.

Service Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 20:00, Saturday: 8:00 - 19:00.

What are the delivery costs?

The delivery costs are free of charge! We deliver the product to your door at no extra cost.

For which products can I place an order?

Only products indicated with the logo "You order, we deliver" can be purchased in this way.

I saw in the weekly brochure / website a product with the logo "You order, we deliver". Can I buy it from a Lidl store?

Yes, the products are available for purchase also by one of our network's stores. In case of an in store purchase, the transport service is not available.

How can I pay for my order?

Payments can be made: 

a) by deposit of the amount to the bank account number you will find in the confirmation message that we will send you, once we have processed and confirmed your order. It is very important to state in the deposit the order number and your full name so that we can associate your payment with your order, 

or b) with cash on delivery

How many days do I have to pay for my order?

In case you have selected the bank deposit as a payment method, then this must be made within 5 working days from the receipt of the confirmation message that we will send you, after we have processed and confirmed your order. The message will contain your order number and all details you need for the payment step.

Your order will be pending until we have confirmed the deposit.

If the amount is not deposited within 5 working days, your order will be cancelled.

How long will it take to receive my order?

The delivery time of your order varies from 3 to 5 business days from the moment we have confirmed your deposit and depends on the postal code of the delivery address. If you have ordered and/or paid for the product before the official start date of the sale, as indicated in our weekly brochure and on the product’s webpage, the delivery will begin on the first business day after the official start date of the sale.

(For example, if the product you are interested in has an official start date on Saturday 04.05.19 and you have made the order and the deposit before that date, the delivery time of 3-5 business days is calculated from Monday 06.05.19.)

The transport company will contact you for the order delivery.

What if I change my mind about my purchase?

If you change your mind about your purchase, you have the right to withdraw from the distance selling contract without any justification or cost (right of withdrawal) by returning the product you purchased within 90 days. These 90 days begin when you, or a third party you designate, received the product of your order.

Your right to return within 90 days of receipt of the product consists of the statutory 14-day withdrawal period and Lidl Cyprus' voluntary grant for an additional 76 days.

Note that the product you wish to return should be in perfect condition and accompanied by all parts and components that it consists of. A prerequisite for exercising the right of withdrawal is that the product has been properly used only to test its properties and functions. The returned product should be in its original condition and without any damage. The return should be made with the original packaging which must be kept in good condition. For this reason, we recommend that you store the product packaging after receipt of the product.

If we find that parts or accessories are missing upon receipt of the returned product or that the product's condition is different from its original condition, then we reserve the right not to accept your request for withdrawal.

How much does it cost to return my order?

The transport costs for the return of your product are also free of charge.

I have changed my mind, how can I return my order;

In order to exercise your right to withdraw, you can use the withdrawal form here and send it to us at or by mail to Lidl Cyprus, Pigasou 2, 7100 Aradippou – Larnaca.

Otherwise, you can send us an e-mail where you will explicitly state your request for withdrawal, including your name, your order number, your address, and the IBAN of your bank account, where we will refund your money unless you have explicitly agreed to a different way of refunding the money, provided that you are not burdened with any cost arising from the refund.

Once we have received your request for withdrawal, we will contact the transport company to pick up the product from your premises, after they have contacted you to agree on the desired date and time of receipt.

Products must in any case be returned to Lidl Cyprus, along with proof of purchase, within 14 days of the day you notify us of your decision to withdraw.

The product I received is defective. What should I do?

For the product you purchased there is, of course, the legal warranty for product compliance. In case of defective product, please call our Customer Service Department and one of our partners will guide you through the steps you need to follow.

Can I return a product purchased upon order to a Lidl store?

No, products purchased upon order cannot be returned to a Lidl store. Please follow the return procedure described above.

How will I be refunded in case of product return?

Your money will be refunded in the same way that you made the payment of your order, i.e. by deposit at your bank account, unless you have explicitly agreed to a different way of refunding the money, provided that you are not burdened with any cost arising from the refund.

In the withdrawal form, you will find a special field where you can fill in the bank account number (IBAN).

In case of a product return, how long will it take to receive the refund?

We always do our best to serve you as fast as possible. Your refund will be reimbursed within a reasonable time and, in any case, within 14 days from the day Lidl Cyprus received and checked the returned product.

I saw the product in the weekly brochure / website before the official start date of the sale. Can I order it already?

Of course, you can submit your order once the product is registered in our weekly brochure or website.However, all deliveries of products will begin after the official launch date which is stated in the weekly brochure and on the product’s webpage.

How can I return a sleep mattress?

If you changed your mind about the sleep mattress you bought, you can return it within 3 months from the date you purchased it. If the product was purchased through "You order, we deliver", then you should follow the procedure described above by completing the withdrawal form. The cooperating carrier will contact you to pick it up from your premises for free. If the product was purchased in a store, then it should be returned to one of our stores. Returns will only be accepted provided that the sleep mattress is in its original packaging and in roll form. Below you can find instructions for proper repackaging of the sleep mattress you are about to return:

1. Wrap the sleep mattress in roll form, so that the diameter is as small as possible. Keep in mind the maximum possible dimensions of 160 cm x 60 cm (height x diameter, see picture below).
2. Secure the mattress to at least 3 parts (e.g. with adhesive tape or cord, etc.).
3. Then wrap the mattress with its packaging.

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