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In the blue waters around this land a true treasure is to be found: fish and shellfish. So delicious, so nutritious and always in abundance. Part of the tradition of every kitchen and the diet of every household. In our fish department you’ll discover succulent bream, mouth-watering sea bass and flavoursome mussels in their shells. Fresh and perfectly chilled, they are ready for you to enjoy in attractively designed packaging. All from local producers and suppliers who have “taken the plunge” to find out all there is to know about fish and shellfish. That’s how they’re able to apply the strictest rules of hygiene, gaining certification for each product and strengthening their cold chain with valuable knowledge and modern equipment. So that you end up with fresh, delicious and nutritious fish and mussels on your plate.

  • Innovative packaging brings really fresh fish to every LIDL store in Cyprus. Its modified atmosphere preserves the nutrients in an ordinary refrigerator.
  • The fish are kept in modern chilling facilities, are checked and certified by the authorities, and are transported in cold storage for controlled movement and preservation of their excellent quality.
  • The fish farms are located in bays with crystal clear waters.
  • The feed is carefully selected by the farmers themselves to ensure the proper growth of the fish.
  • The bream and sea bass are carefully cleaned, scaled, gutted and then weighed. So in addition to making sure that each fish is fresh we also prepare it, saving you time to concentrate on your cooking.
  • Agrolab

    Agrolab - Systematic Quality Monitoring

    All of our fresh fish and meat undergo additional systematic quality controls from ARGOLAB RDS (a verified lab for integrated and consulting solutionsin the food industry) ensuring:

    - The product’s life duration as per the indicated expiration date

    - That the risk of changes in product quality and of chemical
    contamination during production is minimized

    - The hygiene and freshness of the products

    - The maximum safety for you