Terms of use and data protection policy for “LIDL PLUS Competition”

Time of the promotion:  15.11.2021 - 24.12.2021

 Terms of use

  1. Eligibility to participate

The prize draw is run by Lidl Cyprus (Lidl Cyprus, Industrial Area, 2 Pigasou Street, CY 7100, Aradippou, Larnaca (hereinafter referred to as “LIDL Cyprus”). Conditions for a participation in the prize draw are the installation of the Lidl Plus app on your smartphone as well as the creation of an account. By participating in the prize draw, participants are deemed to have accepted the terms of use and confirmed that they are at least 18 years of age. Participants are not permitted to participate on behalf of third parties. Employees of Lidl Cyprus and of any affiliated companies as well as their relatives (spouse, partner and first-degree relatives) are excluded from the prize draw. The winners are determined by drawing, in the presence of a legal advisor and by ensuring a random selection.

 2. Prize Draw Procedure

During the period from 15.11.2021 to 24.12.2021, each time customers make a purchase of thirty euro (30€) or more, during which they identify themselves at the checkout via the Lidl Plus app, a token is automatically credited in the app and therefore they receive one (1) participation, inside the Lidl Plus App. The participant can participate in the draws directly through the application, sending the day he wishes the participation(s) he collects during the competition period. This process will be repeated every time the user makes purchases of thirty euros (30 €) or more.  In addition, in order for his entries to be valid, each user must correctly answer the question he will find at  https://form.lidl.com/formcycle/form/provide/5808/?lang=el-CY ,  complete also the relevant form with the correct details (as it is in his Lidl Plus account) and submit his answer through the form (this process only needs to be done once).

The question that should be answered is the following:

Which of the following colors is included in the Lidl logo?

Possible answers: Black, Blue, Purple.

If during the competition period, the Lidl Plus user does not send his entries (namely, his participation) through the application, then they are not considered registered. Excluded from this process are tobacco products, baby food, pharmaceuticals, large and small food bags. Multiple participation in the competition is possible.  By participating in the draws, the customer's identification details, as well as in case he wins, his name, surname and contact phone number, will be sent to Lidl Cyprus.

Thirty-five (35) winners will win from three thousand euro (3,000€) each and two (2) winners will win from seven thousand and five hundred euros (7,500€) each.

More precisely, the following are the dates of the draws:

  • On Monday, 20 December 2021, a draw is going to be held, from which one (1) winner will win the prize of seven thousand and five hundred euro (7,500€). The participants of this specific draw result from the sending of entries (participations) that had been registered during the period from 15/11/21 to 19/12/21.
  • On Monday, 27 December 2021, a draw is going to be held, from which thirty five (35) winners will win the prize of three thousand euro (3,000€) each one of them. The participants of this specific draw result from the sending of entries (participations) that had been registered during the period from 15/11/21 to 24/12/21 (Excluded are those who have already won in the draw with a prize of three thousand euro (3,000€) as well as the winner of the 1st draw on 20.12.21)
  • On Monday, 27 December 2021, a draw is going to be held, from which one (1) winner will win the prize of seven thousand and five hundred euro (7,500€). The participants of this specific draw result from the sending of entries (participations) that had been registered during the period from 15/11/21 to 24/12/21 (Excluded are those who have already won at one of the aforementioned draws, namely the one that was held in 20.12.21 regarding the prize of 7,500€ and the one that was held in 27.12.21 regarding the prize of 3,000€).

Additionally, a total of an equal number (ie. thirty seven (37)) alternate winners will be announced.

All winners will be notified on the contact phone number they have registered on their Lidl Plus account, within fourteen (14) working days from the time the draw is going to be held. If a winner does not contact within five (5) working days from the day of attempt to contact him or if it is not possible to contact him at all, this will mean lapse of his claim (the inability to notify the winner will be fully proven by the simple confirmation of the official in charge). After the winner is informed of his winning, a form will be mailed which he must complete, sign and send to Lidl Cyprus so that the prize money can be deposited in the winner's bank account. If, due to the provision of inaccurate details, the telephone number is invalid, the claim to the prize and the participation will be deleted without replacement. Each winner must have a bank account in a bank of Cyprus in his name or be a co-beneficiary and must provide proof. Each participant is solely responsible for the complete, correct completion and submission of his data (both in his account in the Lidl Plus application, as well as in the other forms / data that will be needed), while, in case of relevant shortcomings, the organizer preservers the right to exclude him from the competition. The prizes are specific and cannot be redeemed or exchanged. They are, also, personal. Lidl Cyprus will publish on the site and the Social Media channels of the company, after the end of the specific promotion, a relevant list with the names of the winners and the first letter of their last name (eg Eleni D.).  

3. General Information

Lidl Cyprus reserves the right to postpone, revoke, extend or modify the competition. It also reserves the right to cancel entries that offend its image, good manners and customs, public decency, etc.

Prizes are not transferable to third parties prior to receipt by the winner.  Lidl Cyprus is generally not liable for the accuracy and completeness of any information provided. The participant is not entitled to compensation or any other claims against Lidl Cyprus.

Prerequisite for the delivery of the prize (if deemed necessary by the Organizer) is the submission of the following information by the winner to the Organizer:

(a) All the required legal documents (valid ID or passport) from which the identification of the winner and the age check (ie. the winner should be over 18 years old) will be achieved.

(b) The winner must sign a declaration of acceptance of the gift and a solemn declaration that he is not an employee or relative (spouse, partner and direct relatives) of an employee of Lidl Cyprus and the companies associated with the group.

In case that any winner of the competition refuses to sign the aforementioned statements, or does not submit the above, then he permanently loses his right to the relevant prize and the prize will be given to the alternate winner, in order of priority. If a participant does not wish to take part in the competition, he must inform the Organizer by sending an e-mail to info@lidl.com.cy with his details, so as not to be included in the participants of the competition.  

4. Prize Catalogue

Thirty five (35) x three thousand euro (3,000€).

Two (2) x seven thousand five hundred euro (7,500€).

Total amount of Prize: one hundred and twenty thousand euro (120,000€).

5. The present terms and conditions of the specific competition, as well as the answer to the competition question have been submitted at the law firm L.Papaphilippou & SIA, Ifigenias 17 Str., 2007, Strovolos, Tel.: 22271000 (Responsible Lawyer: Valiantis Georgios) and remain at the disposal of any interested party, for further information, at their own expense.

  1. Terms of Privacy Policy


  1. Details of the data controller

Lidl Cyprus (industrial area, Pigasou 2, Aradippou, CY-7100, Larnaca, CY 30010823A) is the controller for the processing of personal data of the participants and winners. Lidl Cyprus has appointed a data protection officer who is available under dataprotection@lidl.com.cy for any questions/complaints regarding the handling of your data or to exercise your data privacy rights.

  1. Categories and origin of the data

In order to operate the prize draw, the following personal data will be transferred to Lidl Cyprus by Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG, Stiftsbergstraße 1, 74167 Neckarsulm, Germany:

  • customer ID of all participants in the prize draw who registered at Lidl Plus and collected the necessary tokens;
  • in addition, first name and surname as well as telephone number and e-mail address of the winners.

Furthermore, in the context of the competition, Lidl Cyprus may collect directly from 1) the participants, the personal data (name, e-mail address, contact telephone number) that are registered during the submission of their participation in order to verify the validity of the entries and to exclude any participant whose participation does not comply with these terms and 2) the winners personal data (address, TIN, Tax Office, e-mail address, bank account details (account number / IBAN, bank name, SWIFT code, bank country) required to hand over the prize.

  1. Purposes and legal bases of processing

Lidl Cyprus will use the personal data collected in the context of the participation in the prize draw only in order to operate the prize draw (e.g., drawing winners, notifying winners, sending the prize). The legal basis for the processing in the context of prize draws is generally Article 6(1)(b) GDPR. Without this data, a participation in the prize draw is not possible.

In the event that consent is given in the context of this prize draw, Article 6(1)(a) GDPR is the legal basis for any data processing carried out on the basis of such consent. Name and hometown of the winner may be published in promotional media of the organizer (e.g. press release, website, internal and external social media). This data is processed on the basis of Article 6(1)(f) GDPR. The organizer has a legitimate interest in promoting itself and its prize draws; in addition, there is a public interest (in particular on the part of the other participants) to see that the prize draw is taking place and prizes are being won.

  1. Recipients/ categories of recipient:

Data is only transferred to third parties where this is necessary for the implementation of the prize draw (e.g., sending the prize via a logistics company) or in order to publish the winners (e.g., on Facebook). Apart from that, we do not transfer the data to third parties.

  1. Storage time/ criteria for determining storage time:

At the end of the prize draw and announcement of the winners, the personal data of participants will be deleted except for the data required for compliance with tax obligations between the organizer and the winners, which will be stored for the relevant legal retention periods provided by the tax legislation.

Rights of data subjects

Participants have the right to obtain information, free of charge, about the personal data stored about them. In addition, participants have the right to demand the deletion or restriction of processing of their personal data as well as the right to receive the data in question in a structured format. Participants have the right at any time to object to data processing that is necessary in order to protect legitimate interests of Lidl Cyprus or a third party.  Where participants have declared their consent in the context of this prize draw, they are entitled to withdraw consent at any time with effect for the future. Moreover, participants may contact the data protection supervisory authority, in particular in the member state of their place of residence or the location where the alleged breach took place.