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Dairy products

Αγνό γάλα, θρεπτικά γιαούρτια και τυρί όλο γεύση Αγνό γάλα, θρεπτικά γιαούρτια και τυρί όλο γεύση


Dairy: a basic part of our daily diet. The fresh milk that we grew up with – and still enjoy every morning; the yoghurt that helps our diet; the cheeses that bring a flavour sensation to our palates and a sophisticated feel to a simple meal. You’ll find them all at LIDL. Pure, nutritious and tasty. They arrive every day from local producers who combine traditional production with advanced methods of milk collection and dairy production. And when the produce arrives in the store, in addition to regular inspections at every stage of production, it is placed in chillers and kept in perfect condition for when you buy it. Lots of inspections and lots of procedures. That’s why you’ll always find high-quality fresh milk, traditional and strained yoghurt, and delicious local cheeses.

  • Our selected producers lose no time processing their produce, guaranteeing ideal conditions during pasteurisation. That way, all the nutrients of our dairy products are preserved.
  • They have vertically integrated production units to guarantee product quality from the farm to the chiller in each LIDL store.
  • They use higher quality plant-based ingredients in animal feed instead of soybeans.
  • They invest in modernising their facilities to house their herds in good conditions.
  • They produce as much milk as is necessary to meet demand while maintaining the high quality of their goods.