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Bakery products

Φρεσκοψημένο ψωμί και αρτοσκευάσματα Φρεσκοψημένο ψωμί και αρτοσκευάσματα

You know how difficult it is to bake good bread

With its crunchy crust and crumbly crumb, bread accompanies most meals. Spread it with jam or honey for breakfast, serve it with a salad or use it to clean your plate! Whatever bread you fancy – wheat, wholegrain or “rustic” – you’ll find it at the LIDL bakery. Good bread is freshly baked every day – and ours is baked at least three times a day! We use the best suppliers and have in-store ovens so that you can enjoy warm bread with its characteristic aroma straight from the oven. You’ll also find your favourite bakery products at the LIDL bakery. Grab a freshly baked cheese pie for a mid-morning snack, some cookies to go with your coffee or a croissant with a praline filling for dessert. These are all from local suppliers as well, and made from the best-quality ingredients.

  • The value of LIDL bread lies in its most basic but most valuable ingredient: carefully selected flour.
  • Each kind of bread uses different flour. But whichever we use, it always has to meet the highest standards, and we sift out any that doesn’t make the grade!
  • We are supplied with flour of different types, depending on how it is milled and graded, and the quality of the wheat. In that way, we offer you variety in types of bread as well.