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Our background

Lidl Cyprus opened its first store in 2010. Just under 8 years later, it now has 16 stores and one distribution centre stretching across Cyprus, employing over 500 individuals.

We are proud to offer our customers products of the highest quality standards at the lowest prices, and we work closely with our suppliers to achieve this. We aim to use local products, wherever this is possible, and we do this by collaborating with local producers and suppliers.

The Lidl brand was created in Germany and has grown into one of today's largest grocery chains in Europe. Have a look at our timeline and learn more about our background.


The first Lidl store opened in Ludwigshafen, Germany, in 1973, starting out with three employees and offering approximately 500 product codes. In 1979, six more Lidl stores opened, bringing its total number of stores to 30.


300 stores opened throughout Germany, with each store employing seven persons and offering an average of 900 product codes.


Stores began opening outside of Germany, starting from France. In 1999 the first Lidl store opened in Greece.


As the number of stores in Greece increased, we established our position among the largest retail enterprises in the country.


In 2010 the first Lidl store opened in Cyprus.


Seven years after opening, Lidl now employs over 500 persons across its 17 stores.