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  • Πρωτοπόροι στη μείωση χρήσης πλαστικού υλικού
    Πρωτοπόροι στη μείωση χρήσης πλαστικού υλικού

    Proud pioneers in plastic reduction Targets for a better tomorrow

    Lidl Cyprus will be the first company in the industry to remove its single-use 4 cent plastic carrier bags from its stores as of 01/01/2019. 

    We will cut plastic packaging by at least 20% by 2025. 

    We pledge to ensure that 100% of our own-brand packaging will be recyclable by 2025. 

    We were the first grocery retailer in Cyprus to incorporate into our corporate policy the groundbreaking action of charging for plastic bags. We did so with the ultimate aim of reducing their unnecessary use and protecting our ecosystem. Right from the start of our activities, we had set high targets even before legislation imposed it. At Lidl we are investing in the gradual reduction of plastic packaging, while also improving recyclability.